88. Evil Deeds Done by People Must Be Resolved by People


1 “People kill people. Weapons, by themselves, do not kill people.” Naturally, the manufacturing and operating of these weapons are the result of human creativity and skill. Frankly, evil deeds done by people must be resolved by people. Therefore, saving one’s self is saving others; saving others is actually saving oneself.

1 「殺人的是人,不是武器。」當然,武器的製造與操縱,都出自人類的心智與技術。實在說,孽由人造,亦由人解。由此可知自救即是救人,救人即是自救。

2 The world of today is full of turmoil. In places where calamities are great, critical issues must be dealt with immediately; everyone needs to save themselves and help save each other. The first step begins with loving oneself and loving one another, becoming independent, and helping others stand on their own feet. This is a major step, and the way to connect humans with heaven.

2 在今天這個變亂紛陳、禍深事急的世界,人人均急需自救互救。而其起點,端在於自愛互愛,自立互立。這實在就是貫通天人的重大起步和不二法門。

3 So, I call on you, strivers of the Lord of Universe Church, to first fulfill your human Dao [worldly obligations] and then cultivate the heavenly Dao. In the meantime, you need to advocate and live out the Twenty Watchwords. The Twenty Watchwords are: Loyalty, Forgiveness, Incorruptibility, Insight, Virtue, Rectitude, Justice, Trustworthiness, Forbearance, Altruism, Philanthropy, Filial Piety, Benevolence, Compassion, Awareness, Integrity, Moderation, Truthfulness, Propriety, and Harmony. We shall use these Watchwords as the starting point to restore morality and rebuild our spirits.

3 所以,天帝教教徒,要先盡人道,再修天道,並且力倡實踐廿字真言-忠、恕、廉、明、德;正、義、信、忍、公;博、孝、仁、慈、覺;節、儉、真、禮、和-以為道德重整及精神重建的起點。

Japan Studies, Vol. 224