66. Being Able to Tell Right from Wrong


1 All strivers should be frank with each other; be lively and truthfully in the presence of God; be clear at all time of what is right and what is wrong when dealing with people and matters, and avoid being indecisive.

1 我們同奮彼此之間應該要講老實話。在 上帝的面前活潑天真,做人做事,時時刻刻是非分明,不可做鄉愿。

2 What is an indecisive person? It is a person who cannot take a stand. When someone says this thing is correct, he follows suit; when someone says it is not right, he agrees as well. His response tells me that he has no stand of his own. You have to have your own ideas!

2 什麼是鄉愿?就是沒有中心思想的人。人家說對你也說對,人家說不對你也認為不對,那你這個人就沒有中心思想。自己要有主見啊!

3 Before strivers of the Lord of Universe Church can endeavor to change bad social atmosphere, they must first and foremost cultivate righteous qi in themselves. It is not just about cultivation. It is about bringing righteous qi into full play.

3 天帝教同奮要轉移不良社會風氣,首先自己本身要培養正氣。不單是培養,更要發揚正氣。

4 Among the Twenty Watchwords, “Insight” means that you need to understand the logic and reasoning of every single matter. If some people do not have the concepts of right and wrong, they lack understanding of the logic of things, and they cannot be “aboveboard.” The two Watchwords of “Rectitude” and “Truthfulness” require us not to distort facts.

4 在廿字裡面,「明」要明白事理,明白每一件事的道理。沒有是非觀念,就是不明事理,不正大光明。廿字裡的「正」和「真」都是要我們不能歪曲事實。

5 Our concepts and our innate minds must be in harmony with those of the heavenly mind before we can begin to study. To cope with shifting events, we need to stick to a fundamental principle [maintain the status quo]. My fellow strivers, be sure not to be swayed by circumstantial temptations, regardless of what your post or position may be. Realize the vows you made; maintain a just mind and make an earnest effort to study.

5 首先我們的觀念要合天心,才能開始研究,並以不變來應萬變。各位同奮今後不論待在那一個崗位,都要不受環境的引誘。要體認自己過去所發的願,持一顆正大光明的心,真正下苦功去研究。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, October 30, 1991