42. Heaven on Earth


1 The purpose of the Lord of Universe Church is to bring heaven to the world and to make the human world heaven on Earth. Heaven is where God is, it is an ideal realm.

1 天帝教的目的,是要把天上的天國移到人間,使人間成為地上的天國。天國是 上帝的所在,是理想的境界。

2 We hope to turn this world to paradise. Taiwan is currently very stable and prosperous. We hope Taiwan can remain a free land of China and the world’s haven until the end of World War III.

2 我們希望將這個世界變成極樂世界。現在台灣這樣安定繁榮,但願直到第三次世界大戰結束之時,台灣仍為中國之自由樂土,世界之桃源。

The Republic of China [R.O.C.] Presiding Hall, March 9, 1987