51. Cherishing Your Blessings


1 I am an insignificantly small person. All I do is deliver God’s messages and other messages from above.

1 我個人實在太渺小了,不過是傳達 上帝的意旨,傳達上天的消息。

2 I am asking you today, my fellow strivers, to cherish your blessings. That is to say, do not focus on excessive enjoyment.

2 我今天請在座的同奮惜福,就是不要大家過度地享受。

3 God secures Taiwan. It is for the people of Taiwan to save their close to one billion and one hundred million fellow countrymen in Mainland China after they, themselves, are saved. God does not want people in Taiwan to align themselves with places like Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo, Paris, and London for the enjoyment of materialistic life.

3 上帝確保台灣,是要我們台灣的同胞,得救以後去拯救大陸近十一億的同胞,而不是希望台灣的同胞的生活享受與世界各地,如香港、紐約、東京、巴黎、倫敦看齊。

4 For instance, most strivers have their private cars. Cars are means of transportation. They are not considered luxury items. Cars that are manufactured domestically are very good as well, so why are you buying imported cars which cost several millions [New Taiwan Dollars]? This is not considered cherishing your blessings and it is not accumulating virtues.

4 比方說,我們同奮大部份都有汽車。汽車是交通工具,當然不是奢侈品,但是國產的汽車也很好,為什麼非要買外國一輛幾百萬元的汽車?這就是不惜福、不積德。

5 Where did your fortune come from? Was it given to you by God? You are blessed with it today, but if you do not cherish your blessings, you will no longer receive any.

5 你的財富從那裡來?都是 上帝賜予的。你若不惜福,當然不會再賜給你。

The Seventh Anniversary of the Revival of the Lord of Universe Church Assembly, December 21, 1987