78. Communing with Others Is to Become a Decent Person


1 All strivers of the Lord of Universe Church need to reinforce communion with each other. Besides communing among people, you also need to commune with heaven, which is to say that you commune with heavenly spiritual mediums, and with high beings of the nonphysical realm.

1 同奮要加強親和啊!除了人與人親和,人也要同天親和,也就是人同神媒和同上聖高真親和。

2 To commune is also about learning how to become a decent person. As we interact with people in our daily activities, we must definitely to be decent to others. In our own little world, we have strivers to commune with and examples to learn from.

2 親和也是學習做人。人與人彼此之間日常生活在一起,就要發揮做人的道理。在這個小天地裡面,也有親和與學習的對象。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, October 5, 1993