57. Making the Church Your Home


1 Be sure to do the five cardinal disciplines, particularly reflection and repentance. If you can rid your heart of selfish desires and turn a worldly human mind and vulgar thoughts into a Dao heart, namely, the heavenly mind, then your quiet sitting can progress.

1 確實做好五門功課,尤其是反省懺悔。化凡心、俗念為道心,即去私欲,存天理。如此坐功才能進步。

2 You need to strive more earnestly after your training here is completed. Make the Church your home and do not conduct yourself as a guest in the Church.

2 結業之後比現在要更奮鬥,以教為家,而不是到教院來做客。

3 You should also contribute your ideas, your strengths as well as contribute financially to maintain, and to expand this big family.

3 並要出心、出力、出錢,共同來維持、弘展這個大家庭。

4 From this day on all of you are considered senior strivers. You have the duty and responsibility to lead new strivers and to serve them, and to bring the spirit of the Lord of Universe Church, that is, “not looking for what one can gain, not seeking one’s own blessings” into full play.

4 今天起各位應該算是老同奮了,有責任、義務帶領新同奮,為他們服務,以發揮天帝教「不為自己打算,不求個人福報」的精神。

The Men’s Tenth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Xianxiu Class and the Women’s Third Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Class, January 6, 1991