38. Becoming an Upright Person; Following the Rules when Working

三八、正正當當做人 規規矩矩做事

1 My fellow strivers, you need to withstand trials of karmic obstacles. Even though the conditions may be harsh, you need to stand up straight, pull yourself together and be an upright person. Follow the rules when doing your work, and do not be swayed and led astray by external temptations. What is more, you should love your country.

1 各位同奮要禁得起業障的考驗。儘管環境或許艱難困苦,但要挺起腰桿,振作精神,正正當當做人,規規矩矩做事,不為外力引誘而走上邪途,更要愛我們的國家。

2 Only when the country has a future can the Church have a good future. Our government has approved the Lord of Universe Church as one of the ten religions. It means that they confirmed that the Lord of Universe Church meets the needs of the time.

2 國家有前途,天帝教才有前途。政府許可天帝教列入我國十大宗教,便是肯定了天帝教是適應時代環境所需要之宗教。

The Founding Hall, January 1, 1987