80. Getting Rid of Worldliness through Self-Cultivation


1 A Dao cultivator needs to harmonize the yin and yang in his own body, making water and fire complement each other. This is what cultivation is all about.

1 修道人要靠自己調和體內陰陽,水火既濟,這即是修養。

2 To get rid of worldliness naturally, one should not haggle with others, not even in his heart. One should not be arrogant, but follow the principle of “not looking for what he can gain and not seeking his own blessings” whether in his daily work, in his studies, chanting the Orisons, quiet sitting, reflecting and repenting his mistakes, and in correcting himself. By doing so, one can get rid of his worldliness naturally.

2 心中不與人計較,沒有驕傲習氣,一天到晚都是「不為自己打算,不求個人福報」地工作、求學、誦誥、打坐,反省懺悔認錯改過,自然可以去除俗氣。

3 Worldliness, as used here, applies to worldly fame and gain, right and wrong, drinking, sex, insatiable thirst for wealth and anger.

3 俗氣即世俗上的名利是非、酒色財氣。

The Leili’a Dao Center, December 3, 1993