76. Being Indifferent to Fame and Wealth


1 Today we are already facing the End Time of the Third Epoch. So, all the people living in the world, tell me which one of you does not have desires? So, there must be opportunities for people to follow their natural side. Let them vent their basic desires moderately, so they can satisfy their innate basic desires without suppressing them.

1 今天的時代已經進入三期末劫了。在紅塵裡打滾的這許多芸芸眾生,那一個人沒有慾望?所以一定要順應自然,讓他適度發洩,滿足他先天帶來的欲望,而不能遏制他的欲望。

2 Strivers of the Lord of Universe Church have to face the general public, and resist the temptations and challenges of the environment. Dealing with the challenges of the environment is complying with nature.

2 天帝教同奮是要面對社會大眾的,必須要能禁得起環境的引誘、挑戰,這樣才是順應自然。

3 If you cannot comply with nature, you will be eliminated by nature. Only those who can do so can become elevated. In other words, those who can resist material temptations will become divine beings in the human world.

3 凡不能順應的就會被自然淘汰,惟有能順應自然的可以做人中龍。換句話講,凡是能禁得起物質引誘的人,就是人間未來的仙佛。

4 Take daily life lightly. I don’t mean to say that everyone should not have utilitarian thoughts. Just understand that whether you have it or not does not matter.

4 對生活要看淡一點。雖然我不是要每一個人都沒有功利思想,但是要看得淡,最好是可有可無。

5 After you have been initiated into the Lord of Universe Church, the more you are engaged in Church teachings, the more your desires for fame and wealth will lessen.

5 皈依天帝教以後,越是往裡面一門深入,名利心會越來越淡。

6 You will basically have no utilitarian thoughts. You will have no desire to make a fortune but just to have enough to meet your family’s basic needs. Only when you are indifferent to fame and wealth can you talk about cultivating the Dao.

6 基本是要沒有功利思想,不想發財,只求溫飽,只要家庭最低的生活能夠維持就夠了。有這樣淡泊名利的思想,才能夠來修道啊!

7 Those who have a firm belief in seeking the Dao do not have utilitarian thoughts naturally. Worldly fame and wealth cannot rattle their Dao heart [Dao mindset.]

7 道心堅定的人當然沒有功利思想,現世的功名富貴絕對不會搖動他的道心。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, July 27, 1993