82. Becoming a Decent Person Begins with Caring for Others


1 The most important thing in becoming a decent person begins with caring for others. It begins with caring for people that are around you and continues beyond. Turn this into a habit. Share everything with others in the Dao Center. Do not do anything that can hurt other strivers’ feelings or disrupt the harmony in the Dao Center. Do not think only of your or your own family.

1 做人的道理最重要的是關心。從自己最身邊的人關心起,一步一步推出去。要養成習慣,道場內大家不分彼此,不要做傷感情、傷和氣的事情。不要只為自己設想、為自己一家打算。

2 It is much easier to destroy someone than to become a decent person, and it is difficult to remain a decent person. When you try to influence and reform another person you must guide him gently and without being overbearing, yet without being too mild or vague. This is especially true when you are trying to talk a person into correcting himself. You cannot be too aggressive and you must act according to circumstances.

2 毀人容易做人難。做人是最難的。輕也不得,重也不得,尤其是當你要去感化一個人,勸一個人,勸他能夠改正時最難。糾正他,不能太直接,要隨機應變。用種種方法來勸導他,點化他。

3 Some people are not open to reason. Even when you try to enlighten them, they still do not get it. You need to find a way to reach them, get close to them and accommodate them. You must be humble and have an open mind in order to face the challenge.

3 有人冥頑不靈,你點化他,他也不懂。就要用方法,用技巧,主動接近他,遷就他。一定要虛心,比過去更謙虛,才能禁得起考驗。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, December 7, 1993