87. Dedicating Yourself to Serving


1 The targets of strivers’ dedication are: striving for the Church, serving the entire Church organization, and serving God. Everyone should contribute their efforts, ideas, and make monetary contribution without hesitation.

1 同奮犧牲奮鬥的對象是教院,是組織,是 上帝。大家出心、出力、出錢,毫不勉強。

2 My fellow strivers, be willing to dedicate yourselves to serve. Don’t do it because you feel obligated. Do whatever you can. As long as you dedicate yourself to striving, and do what you should be doing, you are loyal strivers of the Lord of Universe Church.

2 同奮一切要自發心願奉獻,不要勉強,有多少力量做多少事。只要盡心奮鬥,做自己應該做的事,就都是天帝教最忠誠奮鬥的同奮。

The Second Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Special Training U.S. Class, July 10, 1994