21. The Human Dao [Worldly Obligations]


1 I have always advocated “fulfilling your human Dao [worldly obligations] first and then cultivating the heavenly Dao.” Everyone, regardless male or female, grows from youth to maturity, and inevitably has sexual desires. This is part of being alive, since the smallest constituents of our bodies are yin and yang etropons.[7]

1 我一向主張「先盡人道,再修天道。」每個人無論男女,身體發育成熟,必然有性慾,這是與生俱來的。因為人的身體構成份子有陰性、陽性之陰電子、陽電子。

2 As Yijing [aka I Ching or the Book of Changes] stated, “Yin and yang together are the Dao.” The Dao is right here within us. In ancient times, it was also said that “eating, drinking, and finding a mate are basic and top among human desires.”

2 所謂:「一陰一陽之謂道。」道就在人的本身。古人云:「飲食男女,人之大欲。」

3 Sexual desires arise because there is yin and yang in the mind and body. Yang needs yin and yin needs yang. Only when yin and yang are mutually adapted can the mind- body be in balance. So, marriage between a man and a woman is part of the very fabric of life.

3 這性慾的產生就是因身體內有陰陽,陽需要陰,陰需要陽,陰陽方能相互調和,身心才能平衡,因此男婚女嫁,便成了天經地義的事了。

Quiet Sitting Forum, November 12, 1984


[7] Etropon is the smallest unit within matter in the universe. They can only aggregate into matter of varying fineness and size; no life force exists among them. Yin etropons are coarse, heavy and high in density, while yang etropons are fine, light, and low in density. (see A New Realm)