49. Showing Generosity with No Thought of a Return and Not Regretting Giving

四九、施恩不求報 與人不追悔

1 The highest level of donation is doing good deeds when no one is aware of them.

1 最上乘的佈施在行善不為人知。

2 There are two verses in the Treatise of the Exalted One on Response and Retribution: “Show generosity with no thought of a return. Do not regret your giving.”

2 《感應篇》上有兩句話:「施恩不求報,與人不追悔」。

3 Helping people with a specific purpose in mind is not really doing a good deed.

3 有目的的幫助人家,不是真正行善。

4 When you help people unconditionally and ask for nothing in return, it is called “planting virtues.” Not regretting helping others means you really meant to help.

4 你無條件幫助別人,不求他回報,這才是「種德」。幫助對方以後不後悔,表示你是真心救濟他人的急難。

5 People of today are all too practical. Many people easily become envious of others. They are afraid that others may succeed. In the business world, we have heard of many cases of intrigue against each other, reaping profits at the expense of others.

5 現在的社會太現實了。很多人嫉妒心強,怕別人成功,商場上勾心鬥角、損人利己的事件層出不窮。

6 I hope you all reflect and repent, based on the two Watchwords you have chosen when you were initiated, to see if you have done anything against your conscience.

6 我希望各位能拿在皈師時認定的兩個字早晚反省懺悔,看看自己有沒有違反良心做事?

7 We want to continue living today; we hope others can live with us, and we can coexist and prosper together. Today I talked about hidden virtues, wishing that everybody could “plant virtues.”

7 今天我們要活下去,希望別人也能跟我們一起活下去,大家彼此共存共榮。今天我講陰德,就是希望大家能「種德」。

The Men’s Sixth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Xianxiu Class and the Women’s Ninth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Class, December 19, 1987