64. Disciplining Yourself and Treating Others Properly

六四、自處即律己 相處為待人

1 The way to conduct yourself is to discipline yourself. The way to get along with others is to treat them properly. A common “problem” people share is disagreements. As long as there are at least two people, including religious groups, there are always going to be disagreements. The depth or magnitude of this “problem” depends on the nature of the disagreements, or what they are all about.

1 自處即是律己之道,相處為待人之道。人類的通病是只要有兩個人以上的地方,包括宗教團體在內,總會有意見之爭。但要看所爭之意見為何?

2 The Lord of Universe Church was revived on Earth to rescue the world from the End Time of the Third Epoch. At the critical junction of life and death, while we rescue the world from holocausts, we also preach. Although we may have different callings and posts, we joined this line of striving in order to “understand the workings of heaven and follow its Dao” and to “assist heaven in preaching God’s teachings.”

2 天帝教重來人間是在搶救三期末劫,在生死關頭「一面救劫、一面弘教」。大家參與奮鬥的行列,所作所為都是為「體天行道」、「代天宣化」而來。只不過所負的使命、所處的崗位不同而已。

3 Therefore, everything we do in the Church is “unselfish” and “for the good of the public.” If there are any disputes, they are for opportunities to serve and to accumulate merits and virtues through sacrifice and commitment.

3 所以教內每一件事都是「為公」、「無私」。如果有所爭,也應該是在爭功爭德。

4 The Dao Center is a solemn and sacred place. As soon as you enter the gate, you need to watch your language and behavior.

4 道場莊嚴神聖。一進大門,大家心理上就要自我要求,要特別注意言語、行為。

5 Contribute your ideas and abilities at different positions and make monetary donations, all for the common good. In case you exchange viewpoints, it should only be done for the good of the public and devoid of any personal interest.

5 在不同的崗位上,貢獻自己的智慧、能力,為共同的目的、共同的行動出心、出力、出錢。如果有時必須交換意見,也應該是為了公事,但不應涉及私人的利害。

6 In order to avoid turning the solemn and sacred Dao Center to a place of secular contention, and disrupt the peaceful atmosphere by members insisting on their personal viewpoints, I stipulated these guidelines of “Ways to Get Along with Self and with Other Fellow Strivers” specifically for this possible situation. This is to keep the Dao Center of the Lord of Universe Church as a spiritual home that is free of contention.

6 為了使莊嚴神聖道場避免成為世俗的是非之地,不因少數人堅持己見而影響到道場的祥和氣氛,我特別針對這一可能發生的現象,訂出「同奮自處、相處之道」,就是為了要使天帝教的道場成為人間無是無非的樂土。

The Third Teachers and High Level Church Officers Class, August 3, 1991