81. What Was Formed within Will Manifest without


1 Strivers should be able to demonstrate their level of cultivation. Naturally, not everyone can show their efforts through quiet sitting. However, the complexion of a person with true self-cultivation will be distinctively different from others.

1 同奮在修養上要有特別的表現。當然靜坐功夫是看不出來的,但真正有修養的人,他臉上的氣色就不同。

2 You can see those worldly people, who haggle over every ounce, argue nonstop, are full of hostility present an aura of dark qi on their faces.

2 你看世俗上跟人家斤斤計較吵架的人,臉上就是一團黑氣,因為他一直跟人家爭執不休,殺氣騰騰的。

3 Dao Centers should be different. Do not possess this kind of worldly behavior. Rather, cultivate yourself to have good morale and habits.

3 但是道場內就應該不同。不要有這種世俗的現象,要養成好的風氣及習慣。

4 As you continue to chant the Grand Orison, practice quiet sitting and nurture your qi, your appearance will change naturally. “What is formed within will ultimately show outwardly.” It is because in your heart you do not haggle with others, you are not looking for personal gain, and you are without arrogance.

4 因為你皇誥唸得多,靜坐的時間長,養氣的時間也長了,自自然然臉上表現出來的就不同。這就是所謂的「誠於中、形於外」。這是因為你心裡面沒有同別人斤斤計較,沒有為自己打算,也沒什麼驕傲。

5 First and foremost, strivers need to get rid of their own worldliness. To become a Dao cultivator is to get rid of worldliness. The worldliness we are referring to is about desires for fame and gain. Our strivers have a clean appearance, with no dark energy. Dark energy is caused by the actions of the dark side of one’s heart.

5 同奮首先要脫俗。修道人就是要把俗氣脫掉。這個俗氣就是世俗上一般的名利心。我們的同奮的臉上都是乾乾淨淨,沒有黑氣。黑氣就是心魔作祟。

6 When a man thinks of wealth and sex every day, he will accumulate dark energy. It will “show and affect his appearance.” Therefore, the first step is to get rid of your worldliness.

6 天天想財、色,臉上就會「形於外」,顯出一臉的黑氣。所以第一步要脫俗。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, December 3, 1993