55. Those Who Can Endure Trials Are Holocaust-Rescuing Missionaries


1 The power from above wants strivers to come down to the human world to take on the role of holocaust-rescuing missionaries. It is His desire that you use your force for the holocaust-rescuing missions, and at the same time face challenges in the world, just like students taking tests.

1 天上要同奮到人間來做救劫使者,就是要同奮在人間直接發揮救劫的力量,另一方面也要接受人間的考驗,就好像學生接受考試一般。

2 When strivers endure their trials and tribulations, they become immortals and Buddhas in the human world.

2 同奮要禁得起考驗。考過了就是人仙、人佛。

The Leili’a Dao Center, July 30, 1988