22. Seeking Eternal Happiness


1 Have a firm will, expand your mind, cultivate righteous qi, be willing to sacrifice and offer yourself, strive hard, temper your mind, make vows and accumulate merits and virtues to remove karmic obstacles. When you practice all these, you will return to God’s side to enjoy eternal happiness that you can never find in the human world, and which is beyond any human imagination.

1 堅定意志,擴大心胸,培養正氣,犧牲奉獻,努力奮鬥,煉心發願,積功累德,業消障除,長此不渝,最後自可回到 上帝左右,去享受人間找不到的永久幸福,世人所難以想像的真正快樂。

Quiet Sitting Forum, November 12, 1984