10. The Purpose and Value of Life


1 The purpose and value of life depend on whether or not a man can become an upright person who, while living stands proudly in the cosmos, and when he dies, he can save his own spirit.

1 生命的目的與價值在於生前做一個堂堂正正、頂天立地的大丈夫,死後即可自救其靈魂。

2 In order for a person to fulfill the human Dao, one must begin by striving within oneself to build a solid foundation from within, and from there continue to follow the heavenly Dao, striving toward nature and toward heaven.

2 應先盡人道,再修天道,積極向天奮鬥、向自然奮鬥。先從向自己奮鬥做起,以奠其基。

3 One must know the law of reciprocity to attune matter with nature. Through persistent tempering of body and spirit one will eventually break through the constraints of the physical world.

3 若能運用自然與物質相配化合原理,經過精神與肉體的鍛煉過程,勤修苦煉,終必超脫物理世界的束縛。

4 Tempering brings about the natural transformation of qi, causing wondrous transformation of body and spirit and bringing eternal life. Thus one enters the spiritual realm of anthro-celestial union [union of heaven and humanity], returns to God’s side, abides by the universe and makes it his home.

4 自自然然氣化而形神俱妙,長生不死,進入天人合一的永恆精神境界,回歸 上帝身邊,而以大宇宙為家,與宇宙生命共始終!

Talking about physical life and spiritual life from the standpoint of cosmic life, November 29, 1981