50. Knowing and Fulfilling Your Heavenly Mandate


1 The main purpose of God securing Taiwan is for us to save the people in Mainland China. I hope those of you that are here can shoulder the two temporal missions. I specifically want all of you to understand the true meanings of the heavenly mandate.

1 上帝確保台灣,主要的目的就是要我們去拯救大陸的同胞。希望在座同奮負起兩個時代使命,尤其是要大家了解天命的真實意義。

2 I hope you would carry out “not looking for what one can gain, not seeking one’s own blessings,” and this is the precept that all strivers in future generations should follow.

2 盼望大家實行「不為自己打算,不求個人福報」。天帝教世世代代的教徒子孫都應該奉行不渝。

3 As strivers of the Lord of Universe Church, you carry the mission of rescuing the world from holocausts. You all are holocaust- rescuing missionaries. You have to finish your job before you go back to God’s side.

3 因為天帝教同奮都有救劫使命,都是 上帝的救劫使者,要責任了後才可以回到 上帝的左右。

4 If all you are doing is only for yourselves, you have not finished what you are supposed to be doing. You will still reincarnate and return in the future to finish your job. This is our heavenly mandate. I hope you have a clear understanding of this.

4 如果只為了自己打算,責任還不能了,還要受到輪迴,還是要再來把責任了結。這是大家的天命,希望要認識清楚。

The Seventh Anniversary of the Revival of the Lord of Universe Church Assembly, December 20, 1987