16. The Everyday Mind


1 All strivers of the Lord of Universe Church should have an “everyday mind.”

1 凡我天帝教同奮應存「平常心」。

2 Even though we go about our daily chores, we should take fame, wealth, drinking, sex, insatiable thirst for wealth, and anger lightly in order to keep our hearts free from those attachments.

2 雖然照常行事,但對功名富貴、酒色財氣要看淡,心裏要空洞無物。

3 In other words, do your daily activities by following natural and reasonable principles. Do it without any sense of urgency. Be down to earth. That way, in time, you will understand how to conduct yourselves in dealing with others. These are what the principles of “everyday mind” mean.

3 也就是從日常起居修起,順著自然合理的原則,不急不緩,腳踏實地的去體驗,去領悟,久而久之,便可以明白人生真正的做人道理。此原則就是「平常心」之所在。

The Founding Hall, June 6, 1984