70. Becoming Even-Tempered and Composed in Mind


1 The qi associated with drinking, sex, insatiable thirst for wealth, and anger is referred to as the “devil qi.” It cannot be avoided even by our fellow strivers, who are not exempt from it, and it prevents people from being calm and peaceful.

1 酒、色、財、氣的「氣」,是防不勝防的「氣魔」。氣魔,使人心氣不能平和,就連同奮都不能免。

2 As strivers do not fight for fame or profit in the church, what are they fighting for? They fight for their own will and for their opinions. Zhang has an opinion and sticks to it and is opposed to Li’s opinion, but Li is also thinking for the Church, only with a different point of view, from a different perspective. They argued so hard that their faces have turned red.

2 天帝教的同奮在教院裡面,既不爭名又不爭利,爭什麼呢?爭意氣、爭意見。張三堅持己見,反對李四的意見;但是李四也是為了天帝教,只是看法不同、想法不同而已。大家爭得面紅耳赤。

3 Have you thought about the fact that before you came to the Church, you did not even know each other? It is the force of nonphysical medium that brought you all to the Church. What is there to argue about? All you do is striving for the Church. What is there to argue about in the midst of Dao cultivation? What is the point of fighting for your will? This qi is what Dao cultivators should guard against the most.

3 你們都沒有想一想,過去在你們沒有到天帝教來以前,彼此都不認識,是 上帝的媒挾使得你們進入天帝教。還有有什麼好爭的呢?你們都是為教奮鬥。在道場修道爭什麼呢?鬧什麼意氣呢?修道的人最犯忌的就是「氣」。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, December 2, 1992