19. “Sweat a Little More Today; Bleed One Drop Less in the Future”


1 The “End Time of the Third Epoch”[6] is a process that must be completed for God to maintain a normal and harmonious operation of planets in the universe.

1 為了保持宇宙天體之間的正常和諧運行,三期末劫是必須經歷的過程。

2 Strivers of the Lord of Universe Church should take an active role in rescuing the world from holocausts, instead of just “being there” or praying for survival from these holocausts. It is like in a play, we are not just actors. We want to have the leading roles. We should definitely not be satisfied with the role of being the audience.

2 天帝教同奮在這場末劫中,應積極擔負起救劫的任務,不只是應劫或只求過劫而已。就如同一齣戲,不但是演員,而且要擔任主角,切不該以只求做個欣賞的觀眾為滿足。

3 If we can sweat a little more today, we will bleed one drop less in the future. So, every striver needs to step up to intensify the vigor of striving, to cultivate righteous qi, to commune with engendered spirits and high beings of the nonphysical realm to allow the physical and the nonphysical realms to coordinate with each other to save all living beings, and to take on the responsibility of changing the world.

3 今天多流一點汗,將來會少流一滴血!因此每位同奮要加緊奮鬥,培養正氣,與原靈及上聖高真多親近,使有形無形相互配合,以拯救天下蒼生,並以扭乾轉坤為己任。

The Second Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Refresher Class, July 8, 1984


[6] "The End Time of the Third Epoch": See explanation in the Foreword to the First Chinese Edition of the Teachings of Master Hanjing.