69. Striving to Create New Circumstances


1 There is a custom among the Chinese, who believe that when a human is born everything in his life is predestined. This is a superstitious and outdated way of thinking. So I want to tell everyone in the world, and tell the strivers, that we need to strive continuously to make progress, and that this is the way of God’s great Dao of the cosmos.

1 中國人有一個習慣,相信人生下來以後,一切靠天。這是迷信、落伍的觀念。所以我要告訴世人,告訴天帝教的同奮,自強不息就是 上帝的宇宙大道。

2 Striving within yourself means creating your own destiny. I control my own destiny. Destiny is not endowed by heaven. It is up to your own striving. The call for heaven- man union within the Lord of Universe Church is: “God, I wish to strive.” Strive for everything. Creating new circumstances continues to depend on striving.

2 向自己奮鬥,就是靠自己造命。我命由我不由天。這個命不是天賦的,要靠自己奮鬥才行。天帝教的天人親和呼號-「教主,我願奮鬥!」其中的教主就是 上帝。一切要靠自己奮鬥,才能不斷創造新的環境。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, November 11, 1992