7. Having a Mind That Transcends the World but Follows the Ways of the World


1 An ordinary person can become a Buddha through cultivation. We are living in the red dust of the common world. We have to “be in the dust, but not soiled by dust.”

1 佛也是普通人修成。人在俗世紅塵,要「在塵而不染塵」。

2 This whole dusty world is a great pit of fire, what Hierarch Xiao called the “burning house in the human realm.” Any person who falls into this furnace will have a hard time pulling himself out.

2 這整個紅塵是一大火坑,就是宗主講的「人間火宅」。這一個大的熔化爐,任何人掉了下去,都難以自拔。

3 There is a national crisis looming before us now. We, who live in free China, should give our best for our country and our society and resolve to survive or die with Taiwan.

3 如今國難當前,我們身居自由中國,要一片丹心為國家,與台灣共存亡。

4 This makes it all the more necessary for our hearts to get beyond this world, and not to be dragged down by fame and fortune. We should “have a mind that transcends the world, but follows the ways of the world.”

4 心更要出世,不要名利心太重,也就是要「存出世之心,行入世之道」。

Spiritual Talk about the Practice of Chinese Original Quiet Sitting, August 5, 1979