11. Accumulating Merits and Virtues While Cultivating the Dao


1 It is necessary to understand that every striver should not only shoulder our epochal missions of rescuing all living beings of the world, but more importantly each striver should accumulate merits and virtues.

1 須知每一位同奮不惟應肩負時代使命,為拯救天下蒼生奮鬥,尤要培功立德。

2 “Accumulating merits and virtues” are not empty words and they cannot be achieved in an instance. They require real actions to take place. You cannot fulfill the desires of building up merits and virtues at any given time. It also requires opportunities to make them happen.

2 培功立德不是一句空話,也不是一蹴而就,須要有實際行動表現;亦不是想培功立德,就可做到,還要碰到機會。

3 Opportunities are not always available. When opportunities present themselves, grasp them or they will slip through your fingers, leaving nothing but regrets.

3 機會不是隨時都有。當機會來時要好好把握,不然,稍縱即逝,後悔莫及。

4 A Dao seeker must also accumulate merits and virtues while busily striving and cultivating the Dao. He should fight for those opportunities that allow him to build up his merits and virtues.

4 一個修道的人,修持奮鬥之餘,還要培功立德,更要爭功爭德。

Dedication Ceremony of the Yuqing Shrine, May 17, 1983