The religious founder to whom The Lord of Universe Church give homage is the Lord of Heaven[T'ienti], the Supreme Ruler of the universe, of whom ancient Chinese said, "Purify mind and body to serve the Lord on High". This is none other than God, in whom Western people hold common belief.

20 words

The Twenty Words of Truth

The Twenty Words are guidelines for human conduct, and they are also a practice of daily cultivation for fellow-strivers under The Lord of Universe Church.

Mr Lee Yu Chieh

Mr. Lee Yü-chieh, First-Appointed Master Emissary

Mr. Lee Yü-chieh (李玉階)'s religious name is Chi-ch'u [極初, "Absolute Beginning"], and his sobriquet is Han-ching Lao-jen [涵靜老人, "the Venerable Vessel of Stillness"].

quiet sitting

Quiet Sitting

Chinese Original Quiet Sitting is the sole legacy, passed down 5,000 years from Chinese ancestors, that strengthens bodies and genes, nurtures life, gives longevity, and makes mankind unify with Heaven.