12. God Favors No One; Only Those Who Have Virtues Would Receive Help from Heaven

十二、皇天無親 惟德是輔

1 Parents can only teach by example. Children should try to understand what their parents think. I hope people understand what this era is all about. This is the age where the world is on the brink of destruction.

1 父母只能身教,做兒孫的要自己去體會老人的心思。希望大家要瞭解這是一個什麼時代?這是個世界快要毀滅的時代。

2 All descendants of our Li family came down to Earth with heavenly mandates to join me to rescue the world and its people.

2 我們李家子孫都是先後奉命下凡,到李家來跟我一起救世救人。

3 The time is now. Wake up quickly. Stir up your spirit. Mobilize your entire family and begin by observing the Twenty Watchwords. Those who have not been initiated into the Tiende Religion do so in the Lord of Universe Church and strive just like all other strivers.

3 時間已到,趕快覺醒起來,振作精神,全家動員起來。先從廿字真言做起。凡沒有皈依天德教者,到天帝教來皈宗,與一般同奮一樣奮鬥。

4 Do the four cardinal disciplines at home day and night and take time to go to the luminorium [3] to chant the Grand Orison. After you have been chanting for a while, you will be filled with righteous qi, evil spirits will stay away from you, and your career will move forward smoothly.

4 每天早晚在家,先做四門基本功課,然後抽時間再到光殿唸皇誥。日久自然正氣充足,邪魔遠避,事業順利。

5 You all shared the same heavenly mandate of rescuing the world as I have before you came to this world, which is why you were born into this family. Hence, you need to make some arrangements to see what roles you should play in the Church. The adage “God favors no one; only those who have virtues would receive help from heaven” makes it clear that no one is privileged over others. It all depends on our own striving, our accumulation of merits and virtues.

5 你們承先啟後,應有安排。所謂「皇天無親,惟德是輔」,誰也不能享特權,須靠自己奮鬥培功立德。

Master Teacher’s family letter to his sons, Weisheng, Weiguang and Weigang from Kanagawa, Tokyo, August 25, 1983


[3] A luminorium is a strivers-only prayer room where all main Church rituals, prayer assembly and quiet sitting are conducted.