29. How to Be an Upright Person


1 The Lord of Universe Church advocates that we all should play our human roles well first and foremost, which means to live as a decent person. Besides exercising the five cardinal disciplines, we should live by the “Code of Life” in our daily living. Whether it is about our behaviors or our thoughts, we do not deviate from the “Twenty Watchwords.”

1 天帝教主張先盡人道,即教我們如何將「人」做好。除了勤修五門基本功課之外,就是將「人生守則」融於日常生活之中,讓言行思想,時時刻刻不離「廿字真言」。

2 Through time, our temperament will change naturally, our characters will become noble, we will gain wisdom, our entire family will be influenced gradually and this will help us raise our children to be talented people who can take on major tasks.

2 如此日積月累,定能自然變化氣質,人格自然變得高尚,智慧自然變得圓明,整個家庭受此薰陶,自然也會將子女造就成能擔當重責大任的有用人才。

3 Heavenly Dao, paranormal phenomena and psychic abilities are all vague and very distant from our realities. When a person fails to conduct himself properly, any talk of his “psychic abilities” is falsehood.

3 天道、靈異、神通離我們太遠、太渺茫。如果連「人」都做不好,一切所謂的「神通」都是假的。

4 The Lord of Universe Church has no secrets or mysteries and does not encourage strivers to train for or possess any channeling abilities. We only teach strivers how to conduct themselves and how to handle matters by following the “Twenty Watchwords.”

4 天帝教沒有一點神秘之處,也不鼓勵同奮專修靈通,只教大家一切照「廿字」去做人處事。

5 In fact, if a person can follow the Twenty Watchwords, this person can have a thorough understanding of the world and the universe. He will have true “psychic abilities” and his level of practice will transcend the mundane and enter the sacred.

5 其實如將廿字都做到了,就能通天徹地,達到真正的「神通」,而能超凡入聖了。

Fellowship Meeting on Women’s Day, March 8, 1986