45. Cherishing Your Heavenly Mandate and Becoming Responsible to God

四五、珍惜天命 向 上帝負責

1 All strivers should cherish their heavenly mandate in saving the world from calamities. You must have the courage to shoulder your calling, commit yourself to striving for the Church, and bring to bear a spirit of striving to save the world.

1 每一位同奮要珍惜自己的救劫天命,要有擔當,要靠自己發心為教奮鬥,努力發揮高度救世救人的犧牲奮鬥精神。

2 You should be down to earth, work with perseverance, and march forward with courage to diligently carry out any task in the Church, and be responsible to God about it.

2 做天帝教任何工作,都要腳踏實地,鍥而不捨,勇往直前,向 上帝負責。

Global Preaching Planning Meeting, July 19, 1987