74. Faith, Vows, and Service


1 I have often told you that all fellow strivers have heavenly mandates, but on different levels or on a different scale, yet there is one heavenly mandate that they have in common, and that is to be holocaust- rescuing missionaries. This is the same for all. It all depends on how you carry out this calling.

1 我常常告訴大家,同奮都有天命,不過層次不同、大小不同;但有一個天命是共同的,那就是「救劫使者」這個天命,這就看你怎麼去實行這個天命。

2 I have said: “you need to have faith to vow and to serve” in terms of real actions. To have faith is to have absolute faith in God. To have no fear of attacks. No matter what kind of attacks come upon you, you should still have unwavering faith. Take me as an example. I have gone through so many tribulations, and yet the more I suffer, the stronger my faith in God has become.

2 我講:「要信、要願、要行」。要採取行動啊!「信」就是絕對信仰 上帝,不怕打擊。再怎樣受到打擊,還是信、始終不變。我經過多少的磨難?而磨難愈深,我對 上帝的信心越加深。

3 There have been a number of people who could not endure their trials. Some said: “I have attended the Church’s Quiet Sitting Class, I have chanted the Grand Orison, I have strived and I have brought persons of affinity to the Church, so why do trials and tribulations still come to me?” They then gradually became disappointed.

3 有很多人經不起考驗,說:「我參加了天帝教靜坐班,我也唸皇誥,也參加奮鬥,也度過人,為什麼還要給我打擊?」他慢慢就灰心了。

4 What they did not realize is that the more merits and virtues one has, the more trials and tribulations one has to go through. “Test of the Dao” is to test you by making you go through any type of trial or tribulation. It is to ensure that after going through a thousand trials and hundred tribulations, your faith remains unchanged. In my case, I have endured trials and tribulations for fifty or sixty years and I have always remained faithful to God.

4 他不知道,功德越大的人,越要被打擊。「道考」,就是考驗你,要你什麼樣的考驗都得經歷過。雖然經歷千磨百煉,你卻要始終信心不惑。像我五、六十年來經過多少的磨考,但我始終效忠 上帝。

5 Just to have faith is not enough. You have to make vows. Make big vows and have great aspirations after you have affirmed your faith. Just making big vows is also not enough. You have to act. You have to take actions and you have to strive.

5 信了還沒有用啊!信了要發願,要發大願,立大志。發了願還是沒有用啊!你要身體力行,要採取行動,要起來奮鬥啊!

6 Of what use are empty vows? The tripartite steps of faith, vows, and deeds have to be carried through without being forced, but with unwavering faith under one thousand tribulations and hundreds of tempering. As for me, my vows and determination will always remain unchanged.

6 空空洞洞發願有什麼用?所以信、願、行,三步曲要一貫到底。我不受什麼影響,千磨百煉也不會搖動我的信心,我的願力始終不變。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, May 12, 1993