32. Educating Yourself, Changing Yourself, and Influencing Other People

三二、自我教育 改變自己 感化他人

1 The ultimate goal of Church education is to propagate the Church’s cardinal spirit and its central thoughts to every corner of the world so that wherever there are people, the knowledge of God’s great Dao of the cosmos reaches. Let people know, understand and accept it, and join the striving force.

1 教務工作的最終目的,是將天帝教之基本精神、中心思想,普遍而深入的宣揚到世界每個角落,使有人跡的地方,就有 上帝宇宙大道的存在。讓他們知道、瞭解,進而接納,參與奮鬥的行列。

2 Preaching is a long-lasting project. It requires persistent and continuous work. As long as the Lord of Universe Church exists, preaching cannot stop.

2 弘教工作是百年大計,要恆久而持續不斷的推行下去。即天帝教存在一日,弘教的工作就一日不能間斷。

3 Some religions have been around for a long time and are spread all over the world, yet their fundamental doctrines are not as widespread as their believers, nor are their fundamental doctrines part of their believers’ daily lives.

3 有些宗教歷史悠久,教徒遍及全地球,但其基本教義精神卻不能隨著其教徒之所在而普及,融化於日常生活之中。

4 What is the reason for this? As society progresses, it becomes more materialistic. People’s beliefs are limited to the premises of the church, but are not rooted in their hearts.

4 其原因何在?就是因為社會越進步,人類物質生活欲望的引誘越來越強大,大家只有在教堂中信仰,卻不能在心中生根。

5 Today, we are on the brink of a nuclear crisis. If the Lord of Universe Church is like all the other religions, then there is no need or value for its revival.

5 在今天核戰危機瀕臨爆發的時刻,如我天帝教也與其他宗教一樣,那我們就沒有復興存在的必要與價值。

6 Therefore, we want to prevent this from happening, by making sure the Church doctrine and central thoughts are rooted in each and every striver and their families.

6 因此,天帝教要防止這種現象產生,就要使天帝教的教義內涵、中心思想,在個人及家庭中落實生根。

7 We not only need to make it known to the outside world, but first we need to make it known to ourselves. We need to educate ourselves and practice the five cardinal disciplines faithfully, until the practice becomes a habit and part of our daily activities.

7 不但要對外宣傳,更要先向自己宣傳,即自我教育,切實做好五門功課,使之習慣化、生活化。

8 It is necessary to fully understand the meanings of the two chosen Watchwords, so that they become blended with our body gestures, mannerism, thoughts, and behavior, exemplifying and setting the standard to what a striver of the Lord of the Universe Church is.

8 在人生守則中所認定的兩個字都須先瞭解其意義,並能融化於日常生活中,使自己的舉手投足、言談舉止、思想行為,都能表現出是一個標準的天帝教同奮。

9 As for the residence, every household should have a designated Anthro-Celestial Communion Room so strivers can equate their home with the luminorium. By doing so, strivers can transform themselves and influence others, dedicate themselves to their own survival and generate righteous qi.

9 家庭方面,須在每個家庭設立家庭親和室,使能有「家庭即教壇光殿」的認同感。如此才能改變自己,感化他人,共同為己身之生存而奉獻,如此才能產生正氣。

10 Only righteous qi can resolve the miasma of violence. In other words, righteous qi is the only efficient instrument to resolve the miasma of violence.

10 只有正氣才能化解暴戾之氣,也可以說正氣是消除戾氣的唯一利器。

Expanding Preaching Meeting, March 29, 1986