68. Eliminating Karmic Obstacles through Hardships


1 No prophet tells people not to bear hardships. To bear hardships is to strive. It requires both body and mind to strive and to be disciplined. One has to endure such a process.

1 沒有那一個先知先覺者不叫人苦行。苦行就是奮鬥。要身心同時並用,同時磨練,一定要吃苦才行。

2 A common adage says: “only those who can painstakingly endure hardship are a cut above.” The hardships that no one else wants to accept and the ones that people cannot stand, let me do it. I will take it not just for a day or two. If you can take it for a long time, your illness will disappear and your karmic obstacles will be eliminated because to forebear hardship is to eliminate karmic obstacles.

2 用最通俗的話來說,就是「吃得苦中苦,方為人上人」。別人不願吃的苦,不能吃的苦,我來吃;而且不是吃一天、兩天,而是要長期的吃下去,自然你的毛病就沒有了,業障就消掉了!吃苦就是消業障。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, October 6, 1992