85. Getting along with Others Is about Tolerating One Another


1 Religion is about beliefs. To be approved by most people and to get their involvement, the most important factor to consider is the people. Strivers should serve as role models for the general public.

1 宗教講求信仰。爲要使多數人認同、參與,人是最重要的因素。同奮要做一般人的模範。

2 You join the line of striving because of your belief in God and your desire to preach God’s great Dao of the cosmos. Therefore, you need to get along with others and tolerate one another. You cannot lose sight of the big mission over petty issues.

2 同奮都是為了信仰 上帝,為了弘揚 上帝宇宙大道而參與奮鬥。要能相處以道,互相包容,不可以因小失大。

3 Why do we tell our fellow strivers to “fulfill their human Dao [worldly obligations] first, and then cultivate the heavenly Dao?” Human Dao is about how humans should conduct themselves. It is about cultivating one’s moral character, raising and keeping a family in harmony, governing a country, and keeping the world in peace. It all begins from knowing how to conduct oneself and being a decent person.

3 天帝教為何要求同奮「先盡人道,再修天道」?人道就是做人的道理。所謂修身、齊家、治國、平天下都是從做人開始。

4 The “Code of Life” for our fellow strivers, the Twenty Watchwords, is all about how to conduct ourselves. If the strivers of the Church want to accomplish our temporal missions and propagate the Church throughout the world, they must first recognize this as the foundation.

4 人生守則-廿字真言,講的也都是做人的道理。天帝教同奮要想完成時代使命,希望普化全球,則先要以此為根本。

The Taiwan Principal Hall, January 11, 1994