25. Exercising the Body for Noble Missions


1 When it comes to preaching the true Dao of God, transforming societal atmosphere, saving the world, and saving peoples’ hearts, there is a specific order to follow and complete. We need to strive together in order to save the world from holocausts and promote world unity.

1 傳播上帝真道,改造社會風氣,挽救世道人心,化劫救世,促進大同,必須是循序漸進,逐步完成。

2 The ultimate goal is for everyone to know that to enter the kingdom of God requires self-sacrifice and dedication to the greater good. Exercising to building up the body serves as the cornerstone for noble missions.

2 其最終之目的,是要讓大家知道,進入 上帝之門,就應該犧牲小我,奉獻大我。要鍛煉健全的體魄,為完成更崇高的任務作基石。

3 To take it a step further, one should touch and introduce persons of affinity with God’s true Dao, inspire people to bring out their innocent hearts; namely, their intuitive knowledge and innate ability. Hence, they may live a good and thrifty life to promote positive societal atmosphere and enjoy peace and freedom.

3 進而化度有緣,啟迪心智,使人人重露赤子之心,即良知良能,過善良儉樸的生活,使社會風氣趨於積極向上,自由安樂。

4 Ultimately, a force of righteous qi will be brought forth to destroy evil energy. Holocausts will be averted and humans will survive the crises. This is to answer our daily prayer of “averting and dispelling holocausts to bring forth early earth rejuvenation.”

4 最後自然會產生一股浩然正氣,掃蕩赤魔氛,人類一場大難也必能消弭於無形,使人類可以絕處逢生,也就達到我們天天哀求祈禱「化延毀滅劫,大地早回春」的目的了。

The Men’s First Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Xianxiu Class and the Women’s Fourth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Class, April, 1985