48. Remaining Confident of the Future


1 What is “nonphysical force?” It is the armed forces of the nonphysical side.

1 無形力量是什麼?就是無形的三軍。

2 I made my prediction known back in 1949, saying that: “The future of Taiwan is absolutely positive. Taiwan can remain a free land of China and the world’s haven until the end of World War III.”

2 我曾經於民國三十八年發表預言:「台灣前途絕對樂觀,直到三次世界大戰結束,台灣始終可以確保為中國的自由樂土,世界之桃源。」

3 It was because I had already known that the nonphysical forces were protecting Taiwan. Therefore, I was able to predict so boldly.

3 因為早知台灣有無形力量在保衛,所以我敢大膽預言。

4 As soon as I came back from the United States this time, I went to the coastline of Hualian to pay a morale-building visit. That is, to pay respect to the nonphysical armed forces and to express our appreciation of their coordination with the physical world in completing the mission of securing Taiwan.

4 這次從美國回來,馬上去花蓮海岸做無形勞軍,就是為了感謝無形力量在配合有形運作,執行確保台灣的時代使命。

5 Hence, rest assured, Taiwan would remain grounded under any circumstances. Everybody should have unwavering confidence and faith in the future of Taiwan.

5 所以台灣在任何情況下,國家根本一定不會動搖,大家可以放心。大家對台灣前途要有絕對的信心。

Year-End Comprehensive Evaluation Meeting, December 12, 1987