30. Practicing the Human Dao Properly in Order to Keep Ourselves Upright and Transform Others

三十、行人道 正己化人

1 Our Church does not talk about psychic abilities and paranormal phenomena. Rather, our foci are to save the world and its people, and to correct and keep ourselves upright so that we can transform others. Hence, we should set ourselves as good examples, so people of this society will view the Church in a new light.

1 本教對外不談神通、靈異,而以挽救世道人心,正己化人為出發點。因此,須以自身做榜樣,使社會人士對天帝教另眼相看。

2 The reason for not talking about psychic abilities and paranormal phenomena is to make sure strivers have correct beliefs. Talking about the human Dao and knowing how to behave properly is to practice the human Dao.

2 不講神通與靈異,是要同奮有正確的信仰。講人道,就是講如何做人。

3 Our “Code of Life,” the Twenty Watchwords, can not only correct minds but also save people from diseases and even save lives. This is the true psychic ability that everyone can possess!

3 我們的人生守則-廿字真言,不但可以救心,也可以救病,甚而救命。這豈非是人人具有的絕對大神通!

Preaching Affairs Workshop, March 29, 1986