37. Striving and Striving Again


1 As everybody knows, the mission of the Lord of Universe Church is to save the world from holocausts. The Church carries heavenly mandates with special temporal missions.

1 大家都知道,天帝教是救劫的宗教,負有特殊的時代使命(天命)。

2 To accomplish the heavenly mandates, it is certain that we must rely on the collective spiritual force of all strivers, by following the three essentials:

2 我們確信,要完成 上帝所交付的使命,只有靠全體同奮精神力量的大集合,奉行三要:

3 (1) having absolute faith in God and swearing not to look for personal gain,

3 (1)絕對信賴 上帝,

4 (2) the willingness to sacrifice for saving all the living beings of this world, and

4 (2)一心拯救天下蒼生,

5 (3) carrying out God’s true Dao, praying and chanting the Orisons, living according to the “Code of Life,” cultivating righteous qi, and striving with resolution.

5 (3)不為自己打算,而願犧牲奉獻,祈禱誦誥,力行人生守則,以培養正氣。

6 An adage [by Mencius] says: “if a country that does not have hostile states or external calamities, it will generally come to ruin.” Another one says: “life springs from sorrow and calamity, and death from ease and pleasure.”

6 古言:「無敵國外患者,國恒亡。」又言:「生於憂患,死於安樂」。

7 We are fortunate to be born at this time, in this environment. We must save ourselves and save others. We must be vigilant at all times, and have a strong sense of hardship.

7 我們有幸生於這個時代,長於這種環境,必須人人起而自救救人,隨時提高警覺,加強憂患意識。

8 We need to reform our hearts, reflect and repent in a timely fashion to make our hearts honest and sincere so that we can face everyone in the world. Our righteous qi will grow, fortify, and be strengthened naturally.

8 更要改造我們的內心,時作反省懺悔,使之坦誠,可面對天下人,而正氣的力量自然會滋生、凝固、強大。

9 I wish all of our strivers reinforce striving. Strive and strive again. Strive until all the nuclear wars are eliminated, and until the unification of China comes true under the guidance of the Three Principles of the People.

9 希望我全體同奮加強奮鬥!奮鬥!再奮鬥!直到核子戰爭根本消除,三民主義統一中國為止。

The First Teachers and High Level Church Officers Class, the Men’s Third Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Xianxiu Class and the Women’s Sixth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Class, September 7, 1986