26. Dedicating Oneself to All the Living Beings of This World


1 Today’s society is very materialistic due to the advancement of material development. Most ordinary people cannot resist materialistic temptations. People are busy seeking personal gain in fame and in wealth, and do whatever it takes to pursue material pleasures and satisfy personal desires.

1 今天的人類社會,因為物質文明的發達,一般人的心理禁不起物慾的引誘,孜孜於鑽營名利,不擇手段追求物質享受,滿足個人慾望。

2 Take a look at the temples around you. The incense and candles are always lit. Crowds of people are entering or leaving the temples. How many of them enter the temples for reasons other than for their own personal sake? How many of them prayed for others?

2 請各位看看有些宮廟,每天廿四小時香火不斷,進進出出,燒香拜拜的人潮,試問究竟有幾個人是不為自己而去的?在禱告時又有幾個人是不為自己求的?

3 But strivers of the Lord of Universe Church have to abandon this secular idea. We should not seek our own blessings, but dedicate ourselves to all the living beings of this world.

3 但凡是天帝教的同奮都要拋棄這種世俗的觀念,不可求個人福報,而要為天下蒼生奉獻自己。

Gaoxiong Dao De Temple, September 1, 1985