34. Chanting Orisons in the Heat of Summer Yields Best Results


1 If a religion does not have heavenly mandates, it cannot be propagated. The Lord of Universe Church bears the sacred temporal missions of the End Time of the Third Epoch through striving and saving the world from holocausts.

1 一個宗教如沒有天命,它是不可能被廣傳的。而天帝教肩負了三期末劫最神聖的時代使命-救劫。

2 For the sake of saving the world from holocausts and for the sake of all the living beings of this world, you all take time in the heated summer days to come to the Church to pray and to chant the Orisons. I know some of you even come to the Church every single day to strive faithfully. Your spirits and faith are much admired by people on Earth, as and high beings in the nonphysical realm.

2 為了救劫,為了天下蒼生,大家能在百忙中,在炎熱的夏天,有的抽暇,有的甚至天天都到教院來祈禱、唸誥,衷誠奮鬥,這種精神、信心,天上人間都非常欽佩!

3 In fact, what you have been doing is very beneficial for you as well. Doing the five cardinal disciplines diligently will increase your righteous qi.

3 其實,這對自己也有莫大的益處。勤做五門功課,無形中增加正氣。

4 When you are full of righteous qi, you will surely be protected by God, warding off disasters or dangers, and you will be protected by good energies. Everything you do will be easy and smooth.

4 正氣充足,必蒙 上帝加被,而消災遠禍,吉神護佑,凡事順遂。

5 On the other hand, only when you perspire while chanting the Orisons can you get rid of murky qi that is trapped in your body, and increase the golden light in you. The more you sweat, the more murky qi will be cleansed away.

5 另一方面,唯有在唸誥時流汗,才能消除體內濁氣,增加金光。汗流的愈多,陰濁之氣清除的愈乾淨。

6 Therefore, the best time for cultivation is during very hot days. That is to say, the more you perspire, the more murky qi is released from the body.

6 因此,修煉的最佳時機,經常是熱天,也可以說汗流得多,大量散放濁氣,其效果也最好。

The Founding Hall, June, 1986