46. Becoming Responsible in Everything You Do


1 Since you have all been sworn in as church staff members, know that it means you are responsible to God. Do not hold a title if you are not doing the work. You should take upon yourself what you are required to do and not pass it up.

1 每位教職同奮既已宣誓,就要向 上帝負責,不能掛名。要當仁不讓,應該做的就要去做。

2 All strivers, standing before God, should be honest; what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong.

2 凡我同奮在 上帝面前,是就是,非就非。

3 Serving in the Church mandates that the concepts of right and wrong must be very clear.

3 凡在教院服務,是非觀念要弄清楚。

4 With clear “yes” or “no” concepts in mind you have become responsible, and you can set an example for fellow strivers. Gradually, the impact of the Lord of Universe Church can be brought to the public’s eyes.

4 有了是非觀念,做事才能有擔當,才能做一般同奮的榜樣,逐步提升天帝教在人們心目中的影響力。

Preaching Evaluation Meeting, July 19, 1987