65. Contributing Financially According to One’s Ability


1 You have been coming to the luminorium often, and you have burned incense. The incense that you used was contributed by other strivers. What merit or virtue do you get when, while praying, you use the incense that was contributed by others? You should understand that rationale. When you take your family out to have fun, to watch movies on Saturdays or Sundays, does it cost you money?

1 你經常上光殿來燒香。這個香是人家奉獻的,你用人家奉獻的香來祈禱,對你有什麼功德?這種道理應該懂。你平常禮拜六或禮拜天帶了家人到外面去玩、看電影,要不要花錢啊?

2 Temples need believers to support them so they can last. This is an offering of wealth. The merits of doing this are counted.

2 道場需要信眾來供奉,才能長久維持下去,所以一定要大家量力奉獻,這就是財施,是有功德的。

3 The Lord of Universe Church has never required members to contribute on a monthly basis, nor with a set amount. Just do what you can. Those who can afford financially to give more, let them contribute more; those who have less, contribute less. This is also a way to show your desire of cultivating the Dao. Do not lag behind in good cause. What is “benevolence?” It is to do what you should be doing.

3 天帝教並沒有硬性規定按月奉獻非要大家捐多少錢,大家自己量力而為。有能力的多捐點,沒能力的少捐點。這也是發心修道的表現,更是當仁不讓。什麼叫「仁」?仁就是做應該做的事。

The Third Teachers and High Level Church Officers Class, August 5, 1991