41. The Meaning of “Initiation to the Teacher”


1 What are the “three initiations?” They are: being initiated to the teacher, to the Dao and to God. Being initiated to the teacher signifies the study of Striving as the beginner level, being initiated to the Dao signifies the study of Equality as the intermediate level, and being initiated to God signifies the study of Unity as the highest level.

1 三皈程序-皈師、皈道、皈帝的意思是什麼?皈師是進修奮鬥初乘,皈道是進修平等中乘,皈帝是進修大同上乘。

2 All of the traditional Chinese religions have the “three initiations.” ‘Teacher’ in the beginner level serves as a bridge. Now that you are initiated to me, I will lead you to God.

2 中國傳統的宗教均有三皈,而「師」就是一個橋樑。現在皈我,由我引導各位到 上帝身邊。

3 Those who impart knowledge or skills are addressed as teachers. In the Lord of Universe Church, a teacher is one who may teach the great Dao of the cosmos, God’s true Dao, the “Supreme Truth-Blossom Vehicle Method” for reaching the highest heaven, which is a natural, non-purposive mindfulness, and Cosmic Qi Healing. However, these teachers do not use their teaching as the means for making money to make a living.

3 凡是傳授知識、技能的,都稱為師。在天帝教來講,師所傳授的是 上帝的宇宙大道、法華上乘自然無為心法、天人炁功等,唯沒有藉此賺錢謀生。

Gaoxiong City Principal Hall, March 1, 1987