1. “Making My Will Known”


1 I give my life to striving, but not for myself


2 I vow to strive and fight to the end [of life] for truth, for heaven and men, and for saving the world.

2 為真理、為天人、為救世,誓願犧牲到底,奮鬥到底。

3 I keep myself estranged from the world and enjoy a carefree lifestyle

3 與世無爭樂自由

4 I choose to reduce my material desires to the bare minimum and live a plain and simple life, which is what other people find difficult to do. Be content with my fortune and obey the law. I have neither conflicts of interests nor favors or grudges with anyone. I choose to walk away from fame, wealth and my personal affairs to practice the Dao. I reclaim my freedom to be who I really am.

4 人棄我取,隨分守法。與任何人根本無利害衝突,與任何人無恩無怨。敝屣尊榮,毀家行道,還我本來自由。

5 Preaching everywhere in the world

5 遊遍人間行教化

6 Being free to be who I am, I will act according to circumstances. I will not initiate any new social affinities and choose to end existing ones. I will delve into research to enrich our church doctrine and participate in religious studies in the academic world. I will travel around the world to teach the natural way of living and promote our church doctrine as a scholar, and as a new religionist.

6 瀟灑自如,隨緣應化,不結緣,多了緣。潛心研究,充實教義,致力宗教學術文化研究。以學者姿態、新宗教家身份,周遊環球,教化自然流行,教義弘揚。

7 Emulate sages and saints. What else is there to worry about?

7 希賢希聖有何憂?

8 The ways that saints and sages used to save the world since ancient times withstood the test of time. These ways remain flexible, in order to keep up and cope with the changing needs of the world. That is why it is said that: “Confucius, the saint who understands the timing of needs.”

8 中外古今,聖賢行道救世之心志,卓絕不變,但聖賢應世之方法,則可適應時代環境,隨時變遷。故曰:「孔子,聖之時者也。」

9 Saints and sages, who can sacrifice themselves for the wellbeing of the majority, do not allow poverty to sway them or allow force to subdue them or allow wealth to temp or corrupt them. As long as one possesses a firm will, continue to strive, he will ultimately be able to accomplish his missions.

9 蓋聖賢者行事凡能犧牲小我,為大眾謀福救世救人者,必定貧賤不能移,威武不能屈,富貴不能淫。只要堅持意志,勇往精進,自有完成使命之一日。

10 The names you have quoted on your letter are all famous ministers and utilitarians. They are what we call today politicians or military strategists. These people are far different from those saints and sage-like people that I have talked about.

10 來書所引證者盡為將相之流、功利之徒,即今之政治家也、軍事家也,與我之所謂聖賢者不同也。

11 That is the reason why within the past twenty years I kept myself estranged from the world. My desire is to emulate those saints and sages, live my own life and do what I please, and be completely carefree and content.

11 是故十餘年來,超然物外,希聖希賢,我行我素,悠然自得。

A manuscript to General Ding Delong from Master Teacher, October 18, 1945