39. Returning to the Place of Origin by Marching Forward


1 There is a three-step process of cultivation in the Lord of Universe Church: the first step is to commit yourself to the Dao, the second step is to make the Church your home, and the third step is to make the universe your home.

1 天帝教修道有三步曲:第一步要以身許道,第二步要以教為家,第三步要以宇宙為家。

2 The first step in committing yourself to the Dao is to take personal and material enjoyment lightly. Since I have founded the Religious Philosophy Association in 1978, I kept myself estranged from worldly success, which is why I made the Church my home. From the beginning of the revival of the Church, I made the universe my home as well.

2 第一步以身許道,就是要把個人物質享受看淡一點。我從民國六十七年創辦宗教哲學社以來,與世無爭,即以教為家。自天帝教復興以來,我就以宇宙為家。

3 I still have another wish: if there should be any planet that welcomes God’s teachings, I volunteer to be a pioneer.

3 我還有個願望,就是將來凡是有智慧生物的星球要開創天帝教的,我就去做宇宙先鋒。

4 You all are at the initial stage of committing yourselves to the Dao. The Dao is the true way of the universe. It is the heavenly Dao.

4 各位現在正是以身許道的階段,剛起步。所謂「道」即宇宙真道,即天道。

5 You then start the second step, making the Church your home. Once you have made the Church your home, continue to move on, step by step, toward the origin where you came from, and you will ultimately be one with the universe.

5 然後進修第二步,以教為家。一門深入,勇往直前,一步一步才能回到老家,與宇宙共始終!

6 All strivers of the Lord of Universe Church should “make the universe their home,” or at least make the Church their home.” The “Church” is our permanent home, home for this generation and future generations.

6 凡是天帝教同奮應「以宇宙為家」,最低限度也要「以教為家」。「教」是我們永久的家,世世代代的家。

7 I am God’s messenger. I came with God’s command to revive the Lord of Universe Church in the world, and bring those persons of affinity back, to be with God. So I am the bridge between you and God. You can get closer to God through me.

7 我是 上帝的傳令兵,是奉 上帝的命令到人間來復興天帝教,接引各位原人回到 上帝的身邊,所以我是 上帝與你們之間的橋樑,有我,你們才能更接近 上帝。

Tianji Traveling Palace, February 8, 1987