17. Keeping the Everyday Mind Active


1 Seekers of the Dao nowadays should take on an active role and become involved with world activities, instead of shying away from the world. They should adopt the Twenty Watchwords as the basis for cultivating their inner self. As far as their “external” behavior, it is about their communication and getting along with others.

1 現在的修道人應積極入世,而不是消極的遁世。用本心去悟出常理,以廿字為起點,作內修自省的功夫。而外治行持之道,則是人與人之間的相處之道,待人接物之理。

2 The original heart is the Dao heart [Dao mindset] and also the baby’s heart. You want to keep yourselves free from sorrow or anxiety, free from right or wrong, and free from lust.

2 本心即道心,赤子之心。要使之無憂無慮,無是非,無情慾。

3 How do we develop an “everyday mind?”

3 如何保持「平常心」呢?

4 (1) Reflect and repent: Hold a glass of water while reciting the Twenty Watchwords a few times every morning and night. Think of the meanings of those words and check to see if you have violated any of them. If you have, repent and correct yourself. If you have not, encourage yourself to continue. This is the Twenty Watchword “manna water.”

4 (一)反省、懺悔:每天早晚用一杯清水,虔唸廿字真言數遍,邊唸邊想每一字的含意,及自己是否有所違反。有則改之,無則自勉。此即廿字真言水(甘露水)。

5 Drink the manna water after finishing chanting in order to cleanse your heart. Use the Twenty Watchwords to look within your heart and to dust off any pollutants. This is how you use the congenital divine spirit to transform the acquired murky qi.

5 唸完後喝下。也就是用甘露水來洗心滌慮,用廿字真言來省照內心,拭去內心的污染。以先天靈氣改變後天的濁氣。

6 (2) Chant the Grand Orison and the Precious Orisons: Chanting for the vulnerable beings and sending compassionate thoughts can expand our minds, eliminate our selfishness and our opinions, and be one with all of creation.

6 (二)唸皇誥、寶誥:聲聲為蒼生,念念發慈悲,可以擴大心胸,消除私心、我見,與天地萬物合而為一。

7 (3) Practice quiet sitting: Temper jing, qi, and shen to elevate your spirituality, go beyond the level of daily living and be in harmony with the universe on a daily basis.

7 (三)靜坐修持:鍛煉精、氣、神,提昇精神領域,超越人類生活範疇,日與宇宙契合。

8 (4) Fill out striving card: Do this religiously, making a habit of it. Bear this routine in mind and be self- conscious and apprehensive of not doing it. As a striver of the Church, you should strive for all beings.

8 (四)填寫奮鬥卡:日久成習。念茲在茲,時時自我惕勵。身為天帝教同奮,當為萬性萬靈而奮鬥。

9 Everything comes from the heart. When anything presents itself before our eyes, we should not attach any thought to it so as to keep our hearts pure. That is, we should not become obsessed with the appearance of anything or become attached to it. Let things come and pass. Let them run their course, leaving no trace in your heart. Do not be tempted by materials things and do not become manipulated by your environment.

9 一切從「我心」而來。應無所住而生其心,即不固執,不著相。凡事過則無痕,心中不留絲毫蹤影,不受物質引誘,不為環境所支配。

10 Allow emotions such as joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness to disappear as quickly as they appear, then your heart will not dwell on anything, and your body will not know that it has a shell. By then, your mortal heart would have ceased to exist and your heart of Dao has been born.

10 喜怒哀樂,隨來隨逝,自可心無其心,身無其身,則凡心死,道心生焉。

The Founding Hall, June 6, 1984