47. Creating Your Destiny by Striving within Yourself


1 Many people were born at exactly the same hour, the same day, the same month and the same year, and yet their destinies are different. Chinese fortunetellers of the past did not provide us with any detailed explanations.

1 很多人在同年同月同日同時出生,但是他們的遭遇並不同,這個原因過去我們中國的命相家也沒有詳細的說明。

2 So, regardless of how one’s destiny is arranged, everyone must go through the process of birth, aging, sickness and death, whether being nobility, high-ranking court official, peddler, or menial servant.

2 不管無形中命運如何安排,在人生的過程中,不論是王侯公卿,或者是販夫走卒,都要經過生老病死四個過程。

3 Therefore, we should be independent and self-reliant, and strive actively against any evil forces in our surroundings. Begin with striving within yourself, to create your own future. When you strive within yourself, you are creating your own destiny!

3 因此,我們應該自立自強,積極地與周遭環境邪惡勢力抗爭。先從向自己奮鬥開始,以創造未來。向自己奮鬥就是造命!

4 Personal values are up to us to create. So does our fate.

4 每一個人的價值要靠自己去創造,命運也要靠自己去創造。

5 Even though we are in the Space and Nuclear Ages, if we do not strive within ourselves and toward heaven, we could never leap beyond the three realms, and be bound by the cycle of the five phases [hence unable to surpass destiny and overcome fatalism]. This is because everyone is bound by the creation and destruction cycles of the five phases [metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.]

5 儘管現在時代進步到太空時代、核子時代,如果不向自己奮鬥,向天奮鬥,決不可能跳出三界外,不在五行中,因為每一個人都受五行相生相剋的束縛。

6 It takes someone very special to understand the mechanics of creating or changing destiny so that he can create his own future, be free from the bondage and control of predestined fate.

6 只有非常人才懂得造命。自己創造前途,才可不受命運的支配。

The Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, Los Angeles, USA, September 23, 1987