33. The Dao of Non-Self


1 A benevolent person is one who can love others. When having a heart for saving others, you become unselfish, which means that you have forgotten all about yourself. You have no personal materialistic desires, have no selfish thoughts, and you think of others.

1 仁者,就是能夠愛人的人。存救人之心,即能「無我」,就是已經忘掉了自我,沒有個人的物質慾望,沒有私心,處處都在為別人打算。

2 By doing so, you will develop an open mind naturally. You will learn to accept differences and you will accumulate blessings. This is why you can enjoy a long life. Therefore, this is why I said before that “I control my own destiny.”

2 因而心胸自然開闊,量大福亦大,能長壽的道理也就顯而易見了,所以說我命由我不由天。

3 Those who want to live a very long life should understand not to be selfish, not just for self-attainment. They should cultivate a just and fair mind early on. This is fundamental.

3 凡欲求長命百歲者,當明白不是自私自了,而是應該及早培養仁者大公無私的胸懷,才是根本之道。

Tainan County Origin Hall, May 13, 1986