40. Evaluating Strivers’ Merits and Errors; Great Contributions Lead to Rewards

四十、考核功過 奮鬥有功

1 I believe that all earnest strivers who strive without looking for personal gain, and strivers who serve in the Church in any capacity, regardless of its relevance, have all received care from God, and that the things they deal with in life proceed smoothly, for as long as they have dedicated themselves to their positions.

1 凡是同奮不為自己打算真正肯奮鬥者,和擔任教職在教內服務者,不論其職務大小,肯在自己崗位上真正奉獻,服務全教同奮,相信一定已得到 上帝的照顧,讓他凡事順遂。

2 When someone has a different agenda and does things for his personal gain, that is another matter.

2 除非他別有用心,為自己打算,則又當別論。

3 The evaluation of merits and errors made by the nonphysical beings is based on specific criteria:

3 無形衡量考核同奮功過,有其一定的標準:

4 (1). Practicing the five cardinal disciplines routinely. Students of the Quiet Sitting Class must meditate at least once a day.

4 第一、須常力行五門基本功課。靜坐班的同奮必須每天至少一坐。

5 (2). Bringing in persons of affinity. It does not mean to do it for selfish reasons, self-attainment, or bringing in immediate family members only.

5 第二、應引度原人。不是自私自了,或只度自家人。

6 (3). Making contributions within one’s means. Those strivers who have more offer more; those who have less offer less.

6 第三、有量力捐獻。有錢的同奮捐多,沒錢的同奮捐少。

7 (4). Studying Church Doctrine and Scriptures. Recording what is learned, sharing their thoughts, or lecturing to a group.

7 第四、肯研究教義經典,紀錄心得,並肯適時發表或講演。

8 The guardian angel of every striver will submit monthly observation report to the presiding spirit of the Hall to which the striver belongs. By the end of the year, the completed evaluation reports that were collected by the presiding spirits will be submitted to the nonphysical Subsidiary Shrine of the Main Palace.

8 每一位同奮的監護童子,按月都將報告直接送上各該主管教院殿主,於年終完成考核手續,然後經由各殿主,報到總殿-直轄寶殿。

9 Those strivers who have made large contributions are summoned by God and rewarded before God leaves our solar system for the Golden Tower [during Celestial Inspection Days.][9]

9 同奮在 上帝聖駕巡行本太陽系結束返回金闕前, 上帝召見有功同奮時,才會受到朝覲封賜。

The Founding Hall, February 21, 1987


[9] Golden Tower is the highest authority center of the universe where God, the Lord of Heaven, resides.