35. Setting Self-Expectation as Emissaries of God


1 Those who are initiated into the Lord of Universe Church have specific origins and callings, and are all emissaries of God on Earth. So do not look down upon yourselves. Set up some self-expectations and have high aspirations.

1 能皈依帝門,都是有來歷、有使命,也都是 上帝在人間的使者。所以大家不要看輕自己,要自我期許,立大志。

2 Some strivers forgot that they are disciples of God. They forgot their role as emissaries and their responsibilities; they went to worship ghosts and imps. These strivers behave like secular non-strivers.

2 但有些同奮,忘記了自己是 上帝的弟子,也忘記了自己的使者身份與責任,而跑去拜陰靈小鬼。這些同奮與一般俗人無異。

3 God has bestowed a guardian angel to each of you. These guardian angels are all spirits of the universe, and they have never been to the Earth before.

3 上帝賜給各位的監護童子,都是宇宙精靈,尚未到過本地球。

4 If you have no self-respect, do not push yourself to progress and do not strive, these guardian angels will resign, leave you, and return to heaven.

4 如果大家不自愛,不求進步,不奮鬥,監護童子會遞辭呈離去,原靈歸天。

5 Hence, I hope every striver can reflect and repent daily, be self-conscious and appreciative of what you do and grasp at the opportunity you were given [as God’s emissary].

5 因此,希望各位同奮能每天切實反省懺悔,時時惕勵,把握機緣。

The Founding Hall, June, 1986