62. “Obscenity Is the Worst of All Evils, Filial Piety Is the First and Foremost of All Goodness”

六二、萬惡淫為首 百善孝為先

1 There is an adage that says: “Obscenity is the worst of all evils; filial piety is the first and foremost of all goodness.” What is “obscenity?” It is referring to improper, indecorous thoughts, and sexual behavior. When a male and a female come together improperly to form an evil karma, it is called “obscenity.”

1 「萬惡淫為首,百善孝為先」。什麼是「淫」?淫是指不正當、非禮的思想與性行為。男女不正當的結合即為淫。

2 Sexual desires are human instincts that humans are born with. They cannot abstain from it completely. In ancient times, Chinese people used “propriety” to defend and to restrain [self and others]. Chinese people stressed the “four ethical principles and the eight cardinal virtues”[10]: “The four ethical principles of a nation are propriety, justice, incorruptibility and sense of shame. When the four ethical principles are not implemented, the country will perish.” Propriety is considered to be of primary importance, therefore, it should be given special attention.

2 性慾是人與生俱來的本能,不可能完全禁絕。中國古人以「禮」加以防衛、約束性慾的正當性,如中國人常講的四維八德:「禮義廉恥,國之四維;四維不張,國乃滅亡」,即以「禮」為首要。

3 Religious believers put their emphasis on self-cultivation and tempering of the spirit; thus, they should pay special attention to the appropriateness of thoughts and sexual behavior.

3 宗教徒都講求修身養性,尤其應該格外的重視思想與性行為的正當性。

4 The temporal mission of the Lord of Universe Church is to save the world and its people. To “save the world” means to save the social atmosphere. To “save the people” means to rescue people’s hearts from becoming decadent.

4 天帝教的使命在救世救人。「救世」即在挽救世道、世風,「救人」是指搶救陷溺之人心。

5 The Lord of Universe Church has been stressing repeatedly: “Fulfill your Human Dao [worldly obligations] first.” “Remain in the world and do not become a monk or a nun” is asking strivers to be an example in helping transform people’s hearts, when they are in the midst of people.

5 天帝教一再強調「先盡人道」、「在家而不出家」,就是要求同奮在面對人群社會時,以身作則,使人心轉向善。

6 Strivers should watch over each other and encourage each other. They should strive with a positive attitude, and their moral character should be higher than that of ordinary, non-striving folks, personifying the unique temperament and demeanor of the Lord of Universe Church.

6 同奮彼此之間應該相互督促、勉勵,秉持樂觀向上奮鬥的精神,使自己的人格品德修養都高人一等,以形成天帝教同奮獨有的氣質。

7 As long as they reflect and repent and discard their bad habits, their family and friends will notice their change.

7 只要徹底反省懺悔,一掃過去不良的習氣,就可以使親朋好友刮目相看。

8 Every member of the Lord of Universe Church is a holocaust-rescuing missionary of God. Treat everyone’s congenial past with the same respect as if it is your own, and care for one another in this life.

8 天帝教全教一體,都是 上帝的救劫使者,先天不分彼此,後天應該互相關愛。

The Third Teachers and High Level Church Officers Class, July 12, 1991


[10] The eight virtues are loyalty, filial piety, benevolence, love, trustworthiness, justice, harmony, peace. (忠孝仁愛信義和平)